My Vision

To serve the citizens of Anne Arundel County and the Sheriff’s Office with dignity, honesty and pride

To provide experienced leadership and new opportunities to the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office

To deliver a modern approach to keeping the court building safe for employees and citizens

To develop new strategies and forge new partnerships to reduce the backlog of active warrants

To bring new ideas to the forefront of the Sheriff’s Office to modernize processes and practices


My Plan

Having significant experience as the Commander of Homeland Security for the County Police Department, and the former Director of Emergency Management for Anne Arundel County, I will work to enhance the mission-readiness of the Sheriff’s Office. In today’s domestic threat environment, it is crucial to integrate modern processes and procedures to safeguard critical facilities. I will implement the latest threat analysis models to ensure innovative protection of our Circuit Court complex.

My law enforcement duties have included the oversight and implementation of the Governor’s Safe Streets initiative through collaboration with numerous state, local and federal partners, as well as, the Violence Prevention Initiative. These program utilizes aggressive analysis of crime data to get the most dangerous Anne Arundel County criminals off the streets. The programs deliver resources which have proven to effectively address outstanding warrants for repeat and violent offenders. As your Sheriff, I will enhance the role of the Office in these, and similar programs to deliver enhanced resources to Deputies, prioritize warrants for violent offenders, and reduce the backlog of outstanding warrants, which is now over 12,000 in Anne Arundel County.

I will work diligently to provide a level of service and integrity of which the citizens of Anne Arundel County can be proud. You deserve a modern, innovative approach to carrying out the critical duties of the Sheriff’s Office, including the protection of victims and victim’s rights. Deputy Sheriffs deserve exemplary leadership capable of providing new resources and opportunities. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff.



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